So here is a super quick rundown on my top tips to ensure you get the best out of your feet:


1. Wear Well-Fitted Footwear

They should suit the occasion, be supportive, comfortable and ideally be fitted by a registered shoe fitter.

2. Good Foot Hygiene

Wash feet daily and ensure they are thoroughly dry (particularly between the toes) to discourage fungal infections. Wear clean dry socks and don’t be tempted to share towels or footwear. Keep feet soft and hydrated by using a cream containing urea or glycerol (do not apply cream between the toes). Get any skin or nail infections reviewed sooner rather than later as they may cause you unnecessary discomfort or become more difficult to treat.

3. Good Nail Cutting Technique

Cut nails straight across and slightly file the edges. Do not cut nails too short or be tempted to tear them as this can lead to painful in-growing toenails.

4. Wear Flip Flops In Communal Changing Areas/Swimming Baths

It is believed that verrucae and fungal infections can be picked up from communal areas and warm damp environments.

5. See A Podiatrist

If you have any foot concerns or lower limb pain that does not naturally resolve, then seek professional help from a podiatrist as they are trained in disorders of the lower limb.