Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Podiatrist and a Chiropodist?

In the UK podiatry is simply the new name for chiropody.

The name was changed in the 1990’s as podiatry was the international name for someone who specialises in the foot and lower limb.

Many people still use the terms interchangeably, but I prefer to use the term podiatrist as that is the title on my qualification certificate.

Why chose a registered podiatrist for your foot care?

Because we are health professionals who are trained in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of conditions of the foot and lower limb. 

Podiatry is a constantly evolving profession and podiatrists today undertake a 3 year degree covering a wide range of theory, medical conditions and practical skill competencies.

Highly Trained

If you are considering foot care services for you or a member of your family, choose wisely.  It can be difficult to know who to trust and whilst recommendations are useful, it is still essential to check credentials to ensure service providers are appropriately trained to look after your feet.

Treat your feet Your Feet & Your Health Are Very Important To You

An inadequately trained person may not be able to provide a safe quality service. Patients can be unsatisfactorily assessed with respect to their general health and medications, inappropriately treated and can suffer discomfort. Do not allow just anyone to take a surgical blade or nippers to your feet, especially if you are immunocompromised, have diabetes or circulation problems.

Most podiatrists and chiropodists are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).  The HCPC are a regulator to protect the public and they keep a register of health and care professionals who meet their standards of training, professional skills, conduct and health.

I am registered with the HCPC and this can be checked on the following link www.hpc-uk.org/check

Who can benefit from Podiatry treatment?

Many different people of all ages can benefit from podiatry treatment.

  • Although there may be little wrong with some people’s feet, circumstances may prevent individuals from being able to look after them; cataracts, arthritis, painful hips, joints or stiff knees may put people’s feet out of reach or prevent use of scissors or nippers.
  • Some people do have some problems with their feet such as corns, callus, verrucae, flat-foot, bunions, nail/skin conditions and structural defects, many of which can be treated without surgery or medical intervention.
  • Some people just enjoy being pampered, want to maintain their body in optimum condition and be cared for by a foot specialist.

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How can I make an appointment?

You can either telephone or send an e-mail enquiry which will be responded to as quickly as possible. Please don’t hesitate to make contact to discuss your needs and what help can be provided.

There is no need to be embarrassed or unsure about anything as you will be dealt with sensitively and with respect.  Remember that a podiatrist has seen a lot of feet, they are the experts in foot care and they are there to help you.


Call us on 07718 931696or email FootSmart today to make an appointment

Is your equipment clean?

Instruments are cleaned & steralised in our podiatry autoclaveFootSmart Podiatry takes hygiene and prevention of cross contamination very seriously. Care guidelines as set out by The College of Podiatry are strictly adhered to.

A clean work uniform is always worn. Hands and equipment are disinfected and aprons and gloves are worn as required.


The preferred instrument choice are high quality reusable items that are cleaned and sterilised to 134oC in a podiatry autoclave.

The instruments are wrapped in individual coded pouches ready for use and the autoclave is strictly maintained and serviced.

Steralised podiatry instruments - FootSmart PodiatryOccasionally ‘single-use only’ instruments are used and these are disposed of after use.

Call us on 07718 931696or email FootSmart today if you’ve any queries regarding cleanliness and hygiene

Will my foot treatment hurt?

Lesley Helliwell Podiatrist will take care of your feet

Some people find their treatments very relaxing! 

Please don’t be worried about seeing a podiatrist as they are trained to look after the lower limb and foot and will be competent in what they do.

Treatment will vary depending on your problem, for example if you have a painful infected in-growing toenail this may be tender to touch but a podiatrist will be able to help.

Remember that everything will always be fully explained to you and that great care will be taken to ensure your treatment is as comfortable as possible.

What will happen during a patient appointment?

All patients are assessed on an individual basis to ensure they are offered the right treatment and advice.

Most initial enquiries about FootSmart Podiatry services are made via e-mail and over the phone.

  • Before an appointment is made I will conduct a telephone conversation with you to establish your needs and obtain a brief medical history.  This will help me assess what treatment/advice you may require and whether a podiatrist is the best health professional to meet your requirements.
  • An appointment will be made at a mutually convenient date and time.
    Exceptional mobile foot care treatments - FootSmart Podiatry
  • If your permission is given, I will remind you of your booking 48 hours before your appointment (via telephone call, email or text message according to your preference).
  • I will try to contact you half an hour before I arrive to confirm my arrival time with you.
  • To ensure that you get the full benefit of the appointment time allocated and to try to keep to scheduled times, patients are advised to remove any hosiery and attend to any toilet needs prior to my arrival.  This will ensure that I can spend as much time as possible attending to your foot needs and that you get the best value service.  Please note that although I am an animal lover, I may ask you to place animals in another room during the consultation to maintain health and safety with respect to the fact that I may be carrying out treatment using sharp instruments.
  • If you are having your first consultation, a full patient assessment will be undertaken which will include a record of your concerns, your general health and current medications, and a foot examination.  It is very helpful if you have a list of your current medications.  You may be surprised to know that many health conditions can impact on your foot health.  I will advise you on the appropriate treatment options based on your individual assessment, and we will mutually agree your treatment plan. Any information will be held confidentially.

Nail reconstruction can improve the aesthetics of damaged toenails

  • Your treatment will be carried out and may include nail cutting/filing, thickened nails can be quickly and gently reduced with a special machine, corns can be removed and any hard skin gently reduced and if required therapeutically sanded down to produce a smooth appearance.  If you wish, a foot cream with be applied to your feet with a quick relaxing foot massage to compliment and close the treatment.
  • All patients will receive advice on ongoing treatments, footwear and how to maintain optimal foot health.
  • At subsequent visits, any updates to your medical history or concerns will be discussed, and appropriate treatment or advice provided.
  • Payment due will depend on the treatment you require and if you choose to purchase any additional products.  Payment will be required at the end of each appointment by direct debit/credit cards (preferred payment method), cash or cheque (receipts will always be provided on request).


Call us on 07718 931696 to make an appointment or email FootSmart today

Will my personal information be kept confidential?

Personal details and medical information about you will be required in order for you to be treated appropriately and safely. 

  • Only information considered necessary to your care will be recorded in your medical records.
  • All patient records are subject to strict rules of storage and confidentiality, and no information will be passed on to any third party without your consent.
  • It may be necessary to liaise with your General Practitioner (GP), and if this is recommended it will be fully discussed with you.
  • FootSmart Podiatry is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the UK’s independent body set up to maintain information rights.  A pledge has been registered to indicate support for the ‘Your Data Matters’ campaign.  The ICO registered data controller for FootSmart Podiatry is Lesley Helliwell.

How do you set your fees?

Fees are set taking into account the costs of ensuring you receive a quality foot care service. 

There are various standards in place that mean you can be assured of receiving safe and effective treatment.  These include:

  • only using quality products
  • strict sterilisation of medical instruments
  • servicing and quality checks of sterilisation equipment
  • insurance and professional registration
  • registration with the Information Commissioner’s Office
  • disposal of clinical waste
  • on-going education and training to ensure I offer up to date evidence based care and wider/new treatment options.

Fees are variable depending on the treatments, time taken and products you receive.

All treatment choices & fees will be fully explained to you before we agree a treatment plan.

How do I pay for my treatment?

Preferred payment is by debit/credit card, although cash (sterling) and cheque will be accepted if required. 

There are no charges to you for using debit/credit cards.

A receipt will always be offered at the time of payment if required.  The receipt will be either a paper receipt, or if paying by credit/debit card then a receipt can be sent via e-mail or text message if this is preferred.

What’s Great About FootSmart Podiatry?

Mobile Service

Relax & receive treatment in the comfort of your own home or workplace

Excellent Care

You'll receive the best standard of professional treatment, tailored to your specific needs

Nursing & Rest Homes

I'll work alongside you to provide affordable, quality foot care treatments for your residents

Business Partnerships

Healthy feet, happy staff. Offer excellent foot care services to your employees


I am registered with the HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council) which only registers professionals that meet their high standards (hpc-uk.org/check) and I am a member of The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrist.

I also have an Enhanced DBS certificate (previously a CRB) if you wish to see it.  The Disclosure and Barring Service is a Government Department that checks for criminal records, plus any additional information held by local police that is considered relevant to the working role of the individual.

This helps prevent unsuitable people from working with vulnerable groups, including children.